Android application to ease the vegetables and fruits buyers with the price and figure out the trending-seasonal-items.

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Well, haven't you ever been confused to figure out which vegetable or fruit to buy, while shopping or, been scolded by mum for bringing non-season vegetable for double prices? :/ Frankly speaking, I am a victim and I have been through a lot. And, I feel really shame carrying a smartphone, living in modern world, reading complex subjects and finally, getting scolded for not figuring out season vegetables and their market prices.

So, the idea is to built a platform for our handy machine; smartphone to find out vegetable/ fruit's market prices, and also project the trending-vegetables/fruits in the market. So that we will always be buying seasonal items and save on each transaction. To make it large, we will be adding tips for users to live a healthy lifestyle.too.
Check for latest issues/ discussions at GitHub.